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Tue, 16 Jul 96 11:09:30 PDT

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July 16, 1996

This week:
The Party's Just Beginning

Microsoft has called ActiveX a "platform," a "technology,"
an "architecture," and even an "umbrella." Simply put,
ActiveX is a kind of glue that can be used to stick Web
servers, browsers, Windows applications and intranet servers
together to create a whole new set of possibilities.

This marks an important moment in the evolution of computing,
one where the traditional world of client-server gets pulled
irreversibly out until the distinction between the client and the
server becomes irrelevant.

We think it's an important enough transition point to devote
a whole Web site to the community of programmers,
developers, Web masters and IT professionals who will be
pushing (and be pushed by) this evolution.

Take a look at a pre-release version of our newest site:

We've opened up our doors a bit early to provide a resource
for World Wide Live, Microsoft's nationwide coming out
party for ActiveX. Our reporters are covering the event from
Seattle, San Francisco and New York.

In our Impact section, you'll find articles on why distributed
computing and ActiveX are important to enterprise
computing, the world of Windows, the distribution channel and
the Internet itself.

Enter the Control Room and you'll find hands-on pieces to get
you started working with controls and the tools that are springing
up around ActiveX, as well as a discussion of how Java and
Plug-ins fit in.

Go to the Library for in-depth background reading from
TechWeb's archives on topics related to distributed computing.
You'll also find there a fully searchable calendar of events and
a list of sites where you can see ActiveX in action.

Visit the eXchange to join in on an open threaded discussion

And, of course, go to our directory to find a database of
the controls and vendors you need.