Hakon Live! (via satellite...)

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Tue, 16 Jul 96 16:18:53 -0400

This is what CMP publications has to say about Hakon's upcoming TV show with Billg:

)20,000 developers can't be wrong. Can they?

Oh yeah? Just you wait... why, some of them might even fall for stylesheets!
Imagine the hordes of MS developers blindly followign the CSS1 banner... oh,
wait, we *want* that to happen :-)

For everyone's entertainment:

http://www.activextra.com/ [A site dedicated to ActiveX news]

> 20,000 developers can't be wrong. Can they?
> That's how many people Microsoft is saying will be
> attending its WorldWideLive event broadcast today to
> movie theaters across the country. Billed as a day-long,
> hands-on seminar, the event is geared toward using ActiveX
> and related products to enliven Web pages.
> While center stage will belong to ActiveX, attendees will
> also hear from Adobe, Progressive Networks, VDO Net,
> NCompass Labs, and Macromedia.
> For those of you without a movie theater near you, fear
> not. We have full coverage from theaters in San Francisco,
> New York and the event in Seattle as it unfolds,
> including:
> * A live simulcast from Seattle; * breaking coverage of
> product announcements; * interviews with the people behind
> the products; * reports from the Web design community;
> * demos/downloads; * analysis that gets beyond the hype.
Yeah, right! Go for the hype, Hakon!

Well anyway, how did it go today Hakon?


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