Re: Cool thread: casting 'Dilbert: the Movie'

I Find Karma (
Tue, 16 Jul 96 23:13:56 PDT

> Dilbert -- Anthony Edwards (star of "ER" and "Revenge of the Nerds")

I like Drew Carey better for this, definitely. Although Jon Lovitz
would be inspired casting here.

> Dogbert -- Danny DeVito

Got to be someone sharp and snide. Phil Hartman is too big. Danny
DeVito is better, but I want to cast against gender here and go with
Janeane Garafolo.

> Ratbert -- Tom Hanks

No, Ratbert has to provide more pathos than Tom Hanks can afford.
Again I'll cast against gender, and make Ratbert played by the teenager
who plays the main character in Welcome to the Dollhouse, Heather

> Catbert -- Joe Pesci

Catbert is a minor part, and probably won't even make the firt movie.

> The Boss -- Ned Beatty

The guy from Deliverance!? I like Danny DeVito better here, too.
Needs to be slimy, but goofy. How about Jim Carrey?

> Alice (engineer with triangular hair) -- Bette Midler
> Wally (short, bald engineer) -- Jason Alexander
> Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light -- Jerry Seinfeld

All inspired casting.

> Asok (young, naive intern) -- Matt LeBlanc ("Friends")

I like Dana Carvey a lot better here.

> I like one guy's suggestion that Asok be cast as a genuine newbie engineer.

That works, too.

> More seriously, Microserfs might actually play well as a movie drama.

No way. Not now, not ever.

> Well, maybe not -- it's still a geek flick, and 40million people don't
> go for geek flicks... sigh...

Then again, Wargames got made. Cast Sandra Bullock in it and you may
drag people to see it anyway.