Re: The big guy vows to play by the rules

CobraBoy (
Sat, 20 Jul 1996 12:44:52 -0700

At 11:28 AM -0700 7/20/96, Rohit Khare wrote:
>Ouch -- it sounded more neutral at the time :-)
>> But none of that matters to the W3C, which is joyfully
>> taking Microsoft's statement on its face value. "It's a
>> very strong statement of support," said Rohit Khare, a
>> technical staff member at the W3C. "This is a landmark
>> in the credibility of our efforts."

Kewl, the most important paragraphs are the first and last. You got good
placement and it sounds very good for MS having the "blessing" of the W3c.

Now maybe you can ask them why NT 4.0 only supports 10 open TCP/IP stacks.

Question of the day?

Do you think Apple is in any way smart enough to capitalize on this?



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