Pantone bringing color matching to the Web

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JULY 22, 1996 / VOLUME 10 NUMBER 28

Pantone bringing color matching to the Web

By Matthew Rothenberg (

Pantone Inc. is preparing to turn its color-management capabilities to
the Internet with ColorWeb, a $29.95 utility
slated to ship at the August Macworld Expo in Boston.

ColorWeb will comprise a system-level color picker and a swatchbook of
colors with matching RGB, CMYK and
HTML hexadecimal values. Pantone will also include values for
Hexachrome, the company's six-color process,
which lets users of Adobe Photoshop or compatible graphics applications
manipulate orange and green as well as
standard CMYK channels (see 03.04.96, Page 10).

Pantone's ColorWeb technology will include a system-level color picker
honed for use by Web
site designers.

A version of the ColorWeb technology will also run within ColorDrive,
Pantone's color-palette-management
software (see 10.16.95, Page 12). A ColorWeb library will be available
free to ColorDrive users from Pantone's
Web site.

ColorWeb will use Apple's ColorSync 2.0 to generate device profiles that
can be embedded into GIF, JPEG or
TIFF images for use on the Web. In addition, the company plans to offer
plug-ins for Netscape Navigator that will
color-correct images automatically.

Pantone said ColorWeb will be aimed at Internet catalog sites where
inaccurate color representation is a top reason
for product returns.

Pantone Inc. of Carlstadt, N.J., can be reached at (201) 935-5500 or
(800) 222-1149; fax (201) 896-0242;


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