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The Pantone Color Institute, in conjunction with Roper Starch Worldwide
Marketing, recently completed a consumer color preference study. The study
asked 2,000 consumers to select their color preferences from a broad
spectrum included in the PANTONE Textile Color System.

Data was collected on the age, sex, income, geographic location and
education of the respondents. Participants were asked their favorite colors,
in general, and specific apparel and home furnishings categories.

An overview of the results follows:

35% call a shade of blue as one of their favorites, the most favored were:
Spectrum Blue PANTONE 18-3963 TP and Sky Blue PANTONE 14-4318 TP

Men were more enthusiastic about blue than women

The "up and coming" favorites were in the green family

Bright and deep colors are the most popular among young adults, while
pastels and candy colors were favored by the 45+ age group

The least appealing color is orange, especially in fluorescent finishes

Subjects were also queried about color images through word association.
Interestingly, blue, which is usually responded to as cool, was described as
warm for those aged 60+. The perception of blue as warm for this age group
could be the result of the yellowing of the lens of the eye with aging.

There were also some changes in the usual responses to other colors. Purple,
for example, has been described as "regal" on numerous studies. The newest
reactions to purple includes "cheerful" and "exciting." Yellow has improved
in popularity; it is preferable to blue in kitchens and is described as
"cheerful" and "warm," especially among more affluent respondents.

The updated color responses in all color families are an essential marketing
tool for professionals.

Contact the Pantone Color Institute for more information at (201) 935-5500


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