Do the republicans really want Bob Dole out now?

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Wed, 24 Jul 96 13:04:23 PDT

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Subject: See me (again) onTV: Why Dole Must Quit

Ok, folks, you have another chance to see me on TV. Tomorrow night,
Thursday, I'll be back on NewsTalk Television laying out the reasons
why Republicans want Bob Dole to get out of the presidential race now.

The program is scheduled for 9:45 pm - 10:30 pm EDT but may vary by 5 or 10

You can participate in three ways:

1. You can watch the show:).

2. You can talk to me via their web site at\

3. You can call in to the show at that time on 1 (888) NEWS TALK and ask
me a question.

And then ...

You can call me on Friday on our free Friday line at (800) 571 7121 and
tell me what you thought.

Do pray that I make a good impact as I do my bit to help send Bill and
Hillary off to their well-earned jail cell.

One day, the Republican Party will make me an honorary elephant or something.

Best wishes