TWA flight 800, from the paranoia point of view.

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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 57
("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

800 is the beginning of a toll-free call. But TWA Flight 800 was
not toll-free. The toll: 229 killed. Background is necessary
to understand what happened.

The American CIA fomented and financed the Afghanistan War, as a
way of giving the Soviet-dominated regime there a taste of a
civil war, Viet Nam-style, inconclusive in the field, unpopular
back home. The local insurgents, more at home with dope
smuggling, were supplied by CIA with hundreds and hundreds of
portable ground-to-air missiles. Most were shoulder-mounted,
bazooka-style -- at the business end, heat-seeking. Capable of
going up several thousand feet, right up the hot exhaust-end of
an airplane engine, and blowing it apart, and igniting the fuel

By the way, CBS News' anchor face, Dan Rather, reportedly was the
go-between in some instances between the American CIA and the

After the War, the CIA-trained terrorists, still having hundreds
of such missiles and knowing how to use them -- like
Frankenstein's Monster, turned against their maker. While under
total, around-the-clock surveillance by the FBI and the CIA, they
planned and carried out the bombing of the World Trade Center in
New York.

Maybe the American secret police thought they could make a
dramatic arrest of their own terrorists at the last minute.
Maybe what happened (like the Oklahoma bombings) was the result
of massive bungling by the FBI and the CIA. The facts about the
World Trade Center bombing have been suppressed.

Incidentally, the former head of the Afghani CIA has been working
as security for a university in Chicago.

The Flight 800 disaster came shortly after a meeting in Toronto
of the secret society, the Bilderberg Group. After all, the
ultra-rich and their puppets, covered up by the presslords, have
caused wars and depressions, and carried out political murders
like that of JFK -- great bloodshed does not make them hesitate
from their secret agenda of total rule, sometimes using
orchestrated violence and disasters to divert attention.

(The Flight 800 event occurred shortly after the one about to be
named head of his family empire, Amschel Rothschild, was murdered
in Paris. Part of a traditional war between the Rockefellers and
the Rothschilds. In 1978, we did an exclusive story about the
murder of banking family chief, John D. Rockefeller III.
Traditionally, the Rockefellers dominated the major airlines in
the U.S. such as United Air Lines.)

In 1983, 250 were slaughtered when the U.S. Marine barracks was
blown up in Lebanon by CIA-dominated terrorists who went against
their bosses, using exclusive, CIA-supplied super explosives.
The terrorists violated CIA instructions to use the CIA-developed
explosives only against targets selected and approved by CIA.

At the time, were all the true facts known, President Ronald
Reagan and Vice President George Bush, formerly head of CIA,
should have been tried for treason against the American people.

Then and now, the White House and the press whores have lied to

A few days after the TWA disaster, the federal secret police
briefed a closed session of a U.S. Senate Committee. Terrorists,
long dominated by CIA, had been spotted and surveilled along the
oceanfront near JFK Airport, the Senators were told. Undercover
human intelligence as well as photos and electronic means,
according to the Senate briefing, showed the terrorists were
equipped with updated portable missiles, supplied to them by the
CIA to be used against sworn enemies of the U.S. The latest
version of the portable missiles could down a plane as high as 30
thousand feet.

Based on the on-going intelligence, and fearing an imminent
missile attack against a U.S. airplane, the FBI and CIA, in a
rare instance of co-operation, arranged for a military plane to
drop white phosphorus flares nearby to what seemed to be the
terrorist target, TWA Flight 800. In a speed boat, the missile
launchers were, by portable radio, listening to the airport tower
take-off instructions, according to the Senate briefing session.

Called "Willie Peters," the flares are used for two purposes: to
illuminate a battlefield, or to side-track a heat-seeking missile
that had locked onto an airplane.

With the flares, the FBI, the CIA, and the military thought they
could neutralize the missile attack and become heroes by carrying
out a dramatic arrest of the religious fanatics originally
trained for terror missions by CIA, the Senators were told.

For business reasons, the airline industry greatly opposes any
talk of airplane sabotage. For example, in 1973, attorneys for
United Air Lines (then dominated by the Rockefellers) caused the
suppression of my book, "The Secret History of Airplane

If forced to mention foul play, the air lines would rather say it
was a bomb. They could cool off the public by announcing
supposedly increased security checking of packages and baggage.
It is almost impossible to stop someone from using a portable
missile, from a car or van, or from a boat, at the end of an
airport runway, against a plane just landing or taking off. The
air lines feared missile publicity at the height of the
vacation-travelling season.

In large cities like Chicago, more than half of the FBI baby-sit
local Arab-Americans, with the FBI looking through their back
windows all night. Or FBI sitting all day watching an Arab-owned
grocery store. It is wrong to suppose all Arabs are terrorists.
Tell the FBI about it.

The federal fakers fear telling the truth about CIA-dominated
Islamic extremists would set off a hard-to-stop epidemic of
attacks on Arab-Americans in general.

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