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Ok, I know a little about this....

> Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 57
> ======================================
> ("Quid coniuratio est?")


>The American CIA fomented and financed the Afghanistan War, as a
>way of giving the Soviet-dominated regime there a taste of a
>civil war, Viet Nam-style, inconclusive in the field, unpopular
>back home. The local insurgents, more at home with dope
>smuggling, were supplied by CIA with hundreds and hundreds of
>portable ground-to-air missiles. Most were shoulder-mounted,
>bazooka-style -- at the business end, heat-seeking. Capable of
>going up several thousand feet, right up the hot exhaust-end of
>an airplane engine, and blowing it apart, and igniting the fuel

Umm... didn't the Russians driving tanks into Afghanistan have something to
do with it?

>Maybe the American secret police thought they could make a
>dramatic arrest of their own terrorists at the last minute.
>Maybe what happened (like the Oklahoma bombings) was the result
>of massive bungling by the FBI and the CIA. The facts about the
>World Trade Center bombing have been suppressed.

WTC was by most bomb experts a small nuke. Umm.. battlefield clas or
something. Something is being suppressed there.

>The Flight 800 disaster came shortly after a meeting in Toronto
>of the secret society, the Bilderberg Group. After all, the
>ultra-rich and their puppets, covered up by the presslords, have
>caused wars and depressions, and carried out political murders
>like that of JFK -- great bloodshed does not make them hesitate
>from their secret agenda of total rule, sometimes using
>orchestrated violence and disasters to divert attention.

Oh God. Do these people have to start making trouble again.

>(The Flight 800 event occurred shortly after the one about to be
>named head of his family empire, Amschel Rothschild, was murdered
>in Paris. Part of a traditional war between the Rockefellers and
>the Rothschilds. In 1978, we did an exclusive story about the
>murder of banking family chief, John D. Rockefeller III.
>Traditionally, the Rockefellers dominated the major airlines in
>the U.S. such as United Air Lines.)

Somehow I believe in chaos more than rich industrialists.

>A few days after the TWA disaster, the federal secret police
>briefed a closed session of a U.S. Senate Committee. Terrorists,
>long dominated by CIA, had been spotted and surveilled along the
>oceanfront near JFK Airport, the Senators were told. Undercover
>human intelligence as well as photos and electronic means,
>according to the Senate briefing, showed the terrorists were
>equipped with updated portable missiles, supplied to them by the
>CIA to be used against sworn enemies of the U.S. The latest
>version of the portable missiles could down a plane as high as 30
>thousand feet.

Huh?!?!??! Shoulder launch to 30K? Someone get me what he's smoking. The
"standard" stinger is designed to shoot down planes and helecopters that
are attacking your village or whatever. They are low altitude weapons. They
have a minimal burn time.
To shoot a bb up 30K feet would require a burn throuh at least 25K feet and
probably more like 28K feet. get out your mathamatica and figure it out.
Lets say at what, 400 MPH and were talking about 6 miles straight up? So a
solid rocket burnb time of (off the top of my head) 90 seconds?

>Based on the on-going intelligence, and fearing an imminent
>missile attack against a U.S. airplane, the FBI and CIA, in a
>rare instance of co-operation, arranged for a military plane to
>drop white phosphorus flares nearby to what seemed to be the
>terrorist target, TWA Flight 800. In a speed boat, the missile
>launchers were, by portable radio, listening to the airport tower
>take-off instructions, according to the Senate briefing session.
>Called "Willie Peters," the flares are used for two purposes: to
>illuminate a battlefield, or to side-track a heat-seeking missile
>that had locked onto an airplane.
>With the flares, the FBI, the CIA, and the military thought they
>could neutralize the missile attack and become heroes by carrying
>out a dramatic arrest of the religious fanatics originally
>trained for terror missions by CIA, the Senators were told.

What hasn't been said is that a ElAl flight was delayed and TWA 800 took
off in it's place.

I don't discount the SAM theory. Just saying it was a shoulder launch is
silly and stupid.



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