Re: TWA flight 800, from the paranoia point of view.

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> Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 57
> ======================================
>After the War, the CIA-trained terrorists, still having hundreds
>of such missiles and knowing how to use them -- like
>Frankenstein's Monster, turned against their maker. While under
>total, around-the-clock surveillance by the FBI and the CIA, they
>planned and carried out the bombing of the World Trade Center in
>New York.

an update...

But the authoritative "Jane's Land-Based Air Defense"
lists three missiles that have the range: the French-made
SIMBAD, which has a maximum range of 15,000 to
18,000 feet; the Swedish Bofors RBS 70, which has a
range of 21,000 feet; and the U.S. Stinger FIM-92B,
which has a range of more than 13,500 feet.


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