What does your "Rohit" directory look like?

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Wed, 24 Jul 96 19:03:07 PDT

This has little to do with anything; I was just wondering
if any of you keep a Rohit directory, and if so, what are
the names of the files in it?

I'll include mine below, just for kicks. -- Adam

6:58pm:adam@fides:Shall we play a game? > ls
3r dan java ozone slate
97 davis jepi patterns softarch
a_bomb design jim pdf stocks
acronyms dist_dbase jobs pep suck
activex dns knowledge phd tbl
adam drinking.139 kudos phill teledesic
ads ebook la pics tim
agents etext/ lan pix/ time
apple eve middleware powerpc titles
baudrillard filter mmlaw rants usenet/
be fisclib mmm richard utp
burd fork mtv rohit0 w3c
cabal fork.faq multicast rohit1 w3j
cda frogfarm nelson rohit2 wayne
cell gates netscape rohit3 webhound
classic hallam networking rohit4 webtv
commerce henrik nocabal rohit5 wendy
consult http nutscape romance why
cookies httpng objects sea whynot
copyright ietf.faq omg secret wiki
corba internet oofs secure
cyberspace it2 ospace sessions