How do you define Objects?

CobraBoy (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 04:26:18 -0700

Man is this word getting over used. Since this seems to be the NeXT big
word in computing, I am going to start refering to everything as an object.
My bike will be come a manual transportation object, my computer will be a
information/design object, (I guess my Intel will be a QuakeObject :-))


ichat ROOMS (Real-time Object Oriented Multimedia Server) is the first
software server to incorporate chat directly into the Web. ROOMS allows
visitors to your site to communicate in real-time from within web browsers
while continuing to view your site=EDs content. At last, chat and the Web i=
the same window.

By adding two-way communications, ichat transforms web sites from static
content libraries to interactive communities. As visitors communicate with
each other , relationships develop. Through these relationships, web
administrators can use ichat=EDs ROOMS to develop a community centered on
their web site.

Relationships built within the community bring people back to your site.
These repeat users are more than likely to use your products and services.
Even first-time users are curious about conversations over the Internet.
By automatically displaying conversations within the web browser of a
visitor, ichat makes your web site more appealing to all users.

ichat=EDs open standards approach means that web administrators can add
real-time communications and leverage existing web content without having
to develop for a proprietary format. By supporting Telnet, ichat also
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=46ormed on the principal of useful innovation, ichat=EDs mission is to be t=
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Please contact me for more information, have any questions, or would like
an online demo check us out at: or contact me directly at:
(512)349-0339 x29 or email me at: Thank you for your
time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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