RE: How do you define Objects?

Joe Kiniry (
Tue, 13 Aug 96 10:49:15 PDT writes:

> Man is this word getting over used. Since this seems to be the NeXT big
> word in computing, I am going to start refering to everything as an object.
> My bike will be come a manual transportation object, my computer will be a
> information/design object, (I guess my Intel will be a QuakeObject :-))
> Sheesh...

quite true tim. those of us who actually _use_ and do research in
object technology are finding it more and more difficult to use the
word "object" because of the severe overloading that is going on.
some of us are starting to move to the term "component" which
currently has a less overloaded but also less precise definition in
our world.

oh, and this "announcement" is so full of bullshit i'm getting sick to


> ichat ROOMS (Real-time Object Oriented Multimedia Server) is the first
> software server to incorporate chat directly into the Web. ROOMS allows
> visitors to your site to communicate in real-time from within web browsers
> while continuing to view your site=EDs content.

blah blah blah

> formed on the principal of useful innovation, ichat=EDs mission is to be the
> leading supplier of interactive, real-time communications software
> products, tools and technology, to users of the Internet, WWW, and
> corporate intranets. ichat will continue to enhance and improve
> communications on the Internet.

uh huh, right. i bet they're going to be real competition with
netscrape and micro$soft soon too.