Re: Microsoft wants to help Apple retain MacOS market share

I Find Karma (
Thu, 15 Aug 96 00:04:12 PDT

> Rohit, Rohit, Rohit..
> Again grasshopper you failed to listen to your buddy, CobraBoy.

Hath not a Rohit ears and eyes? If you throw cluons at him, does he not
infosoak them up? If you throw anticluons at him, does he not inundate
you with phlegm?

> I have been telling people it would come to this for a LONG time. Of
> course everyone thought I was 1) nuts, or 2) an asshole, but again as
> usual I'm right.

Not everyone thought that, Tim. I think you're cool.

> See if any of you had gone out and killed brain cells as I had you
> would have picked up a few things. This is what I call the "Budwiser
> Effect." And no, I don't mean heartburn and farts.

As Rob can tell you, Budweiser is like fucking in a canoe.
It's making love close to water.

Or something.

> You see Budwiser has about 90% of the domestic beer market.

Domestic beer sucks because you don't get to sniff the cork before
you drink it.

> They HAVE to allow Coors

Oh, man, does Coors suck. Once I was at a friends house, and I wanted a
beer, but all they had was Coors, so I drank that instead. Bleh.
Never again. I've gotten drunker off Evian.

> and Miller to compete to keep the feds off their back.

Miller is cool because of their commercials. Remember the debate over
tastes great / less filling? Who won that? Somehow I think Rush
Limbaugh did...

> Anti-trust and stuff. So I predicted a looong time ago that the
> Budwiser effect would eventually come into the fracas with computers.
> Ms will have to prop up Apple.

Not if they can make Linux a commercially viable product... *duck*

> The thing that I found more amazing than this though is the PR on
> about IE 3.0. It read like they were releasing a Mac
> version also. And I get free WSJ with my old Mac 2.01 version.

Geez, choosing between Internet Explorer and Netscape is like choosing
between Clinton and Dole. IE, like Clinton, is slick on the outside,
but they lie nonstop and are continually changing in an effort to beat
their competition. Netscape, like Dole, has been around forever (in
Internet years, at least), is clumsy, is unlucky enough to lose to
Microsoft or Clinton, is bringing in all kinds of others to play on his
"team" and pays lip service to the "pro-choice" group even though
he's... shit, my analogy is breaking down.