Re: Microsoft wants to help Apple retain MacOS market share

Robert S. Thau (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 11:51:43 -0400

This one is the most mysterious of all.

Ummmm... what's the mystery? So long as Apple retains its piddling
10% market share, Bill doesn't have *total* domination of the desktop
OS market. If Apple dries up, then he does, and at that point, not
even *his* lawyers will be able to stave off an antitrust consent
decree which, at the very least, would impose a Chinese wall between
the OS and application sides of the house.

Phill H-B may be obnoxious, but he had this sussed --- he was saying
months ago, "if Apple's in any real danger, Bill will go prop them
up". They are. He has. (And if you don't like admitting Phill was
onto something, imagine how I feel...).