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Sat, 17 Aug 1996 23:14:15 -0700

Welcome to Netscape Navigator 3.0

IMPORTANT! Before going any further, please read and accept the terms
in the LICENSE file.

Release notes for Netscape Navigator 3.0 are available online. After
starting the program, select "Release Notes" from the "Help" (Balloon
Help or AppleGuide) menu. This will take you to the URL:

=C9which lists new features and known problems of this release.

To submit bugs, use the "How To Give Feedback" option, also on the
"Help" menu, which will take you to the URL:

If for some reason you cannot submit feedback using that form, you may
send email to Please be as specific as possible
about the version of Netscape you are using, as well as your hardware
information and which version of System software you're using. Be sure
to include a test case for the problem, including a URL if possible.

Installation Instructions

The installer will allow you to choose which type of Navigator to place
on your hard disk. You can select a version designed to run on 68000
machines, Power Macintoshes, or a FAT binary for any Macintosh.

As always, it's considered good practice to temporarily disable any
virus detection software or non-essential Extensions or Control Panels
prior to installing new software onto your Macintosh.

1. Download the .hqx file to your Macintosh. If you are using Netscape
to do the download and your machine is correctly configured, Netscape
will automatically run the correct program to decode the .hqx file. If
not, you wil need to use one of the many utilities which can decode .hqx
files (Binhex format), we recommend something in the StuffIt family of
products, such as "StuffIt Expander"

2. To install Netscape Navigator 3.0, double click the installer named
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Installer.

a) Click "Install" to place a binary of Netscape Navigator 3.0 on your
hard drive. This will also install a Java folder inside the Netscape
Preferences folder. This folder contains items needed for Java to run on
your Macintosh. Additionally, the installer will place Macintosh Drag
and Drop files and Object Support Libraries into your System Folder, if

b) To specify a 68K, PowerPC, or FAT binary install of Netscape
Navigator 3.0, select "Custom Install" from the pop-up menu in the
upper left corner of the installer window. Choose the items you wish to
install onto your hard disk, and click "Install".

After an installation (or after rebooting if you have installed System
software), the Netscape Setup application will offer to take you to the
Netscape Setup site. From here you can register your copy of Netscape
Navigator , receive notices about software upgrades, or download
additional plug-ins which allow you to experience a wide range of
multimedia content on the Internet.

3) Remember to read the release notes at the URL mentioned above. They
contain helpful and up-to-date information about running Netscape
Navigator 3.0.


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