Netscape Internet Foundation Classes ?

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 19 Aug 96 12:40:36 -0400

Excerpted from PCWeek article about JavaScript incompatibility and sniping:

> Going forward, it appears that Netscape Navigator's future
> is clouded with proprietary uncertainties about its
> forthcoming Netscape IFCs (Internet Foundation Classes).
> Comprising the IFCs are User Interface, Applications
> Services, Security, Messaging and Distributed Objects.
> The IFCs will be included in the next version of
> Navigator--code-named Galileo--due at the end of the
> year, officials said.
> While these classes are based on Java and are freely
> licensable, several of them duplicate work under way by
> JavaSoft and other industry software vendors, which will
> be part of Java 1.1, due later this year, sources said.
> Because the Security and Messaging classes are still in
> development, Netscape is uncertain whether Java applets
> based on those classes will be Navigator-specific,
> officials said.

This is news to me... could be a troubling split brewing, certainly explains
some of what might be happening with code signing... any other info out there?