[ActiveX]: They're all fine standards bodies...

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Mon, 19 Aug 96 12:50:43 -0400

Steve Ballmer is second-in-command to Bill on the OS front. This is a classic
line: "There are plenty of fine standards bodies." !! :-)

In fact, I'm now hearing that MS is spreading the notion W3C may have a role
here, so there is some internal conflict...

Rohit Khare


PC Week: Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced it would be forming a consortium
by the end of August to manage ActiveX. Now you are saying that it will be
further out in the future.

Ballmer: Honestly, I don't know why the delay. However, the idea makes all
the sense in the world. We are not saying that we will never do anything new
again. What we are saying is that this is stuff we are trying to evangelize
right now anyway, and once you start evangelizing something, you can't change
it, so why not work with an industry group to have a formal definition.

PC Week: Why not go to the Object Management Group or some other standards
bodies rather than create your own?

Ballmer: I don't know that we will develop a new consortium. I don't think we
said that either. That may be part of the delay. There are plenty of fine
standards bodies.

PC Week: But the press release said Microsoft would be creating a new consortium.

Ballmer: It is an option, but it is not the only plan.