Hackers Hit Justice Department Web Site

Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 11:21:02 -0700

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>^Hackers Hit Justice Department Web Site<
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> WASHINGTON (AP) _ Internet hackers infiltrated the Justice
>Department's home page Saturday, altering the official web site to
>include swastikas, obscene pictures and lots of criticism of the
>Communications Decency Act.
> The official web site, which was turned off by government
>technicians when it was discovered Saturday morning, was changed to
>read ``United States Department of Injustice,'' next to a red,
>black and white flag bearing a swastika. The text of the page was
>written over a background of gray swastikas, and at the top
>declared in red letters: ``This page is in violation of the
>Communications Decency Act.''
> The page included color pictures of George Washington, Adolf
>Hitler, who is called the attorney general, and a topless Jennifer
>Aniston, one of the stars of NBC's ``Friends.'' Other sexually
>explicit images were shown.
> ``Somebody did get into the web page at the Justice
>Department,'' said department spokesman Joe Krovisky, but the site
>was turned off and remained off Saturday afternoon.
> The agency web site is used to post public information,
>including government news releases and speeches, Krovisky said.
> Hackers used the majority of the web site to criticize the
>Communication Decency Act, signed in February, which makes
>transmitting sexually explicit material in ways children might see
>it a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison and a $250,000
>fine. A federal appeals court declared the law unconstitutional.
> ``As the largest law firm in the nation, the Department of
>Justice serves to punish all who don't agree with the moral
>standards set forth by (President) Clinton,'' the page said.
>``Anything and anyone different must be jailed.''
> The altered web site said the new law takes away privacy rights
>and freedom of speech.
> ``It is hard to trick hundreds of millions of people out of
>their freedoms, but we should be complete within a decade,'' the
>page said.
> The doctored page also had links to other web sites, all
>unflattering, about Clinton, Republican presidential nominee Bob
>Dole and conservative commentator Pat Buchanan. Those sites, which
>are not the official campaign sites, were still operating Saturday.
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