FW: SCO to provides free UNIX licenses to enable understanding

Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 08:21:09 -0700

[* Note that they're not offering source code. I'd rather use Linux. -
dan *]

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>Subject: SCO to provides free UNIX licenses to enable understanding
>Monika Laud
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> SCO Provides FREE UNIX System Licenses To Students, Educators and
> Enthusiasts Around The World
>SCO Forum96, Santa Cruz, CA (August 19, 1996) -- In a move that
>students, educators and UNIX system enthusiasts with free access to the
>world's most popular business computing environment, SCO today
>plans to provide a free license to use its popular UNIX systems,
>SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare, to anyone in the world who wants to
>them for educational and non-commercial use to enable the evaluation
>understanding of UNIX systems. The bold move has far-reaching
>for the future of the UNIX platform and marks the stunning public debut
>SCO's stewardship of the UNIX system. It also represents the first time
>more than 20 years that the owner of UNIX technology has provided the
>operating system free of charge to the public.
>Alok Mohan, SCO's president and CEO, said, "This is only the second
>time in
>UNIX's 25-year history that the owner of the technology has made this
>The last time this happened, a $60-billion-dollar industry was born."
>The UNIX system was in its infancy when AT&T Bell Labs gave it away for
>to colleges and universities to help with research and development
>Soon, thousands of students were learning to program on UNIX systems.
>graduation, they took that knowledge into the corporate world, building
>$60-billion-dollar industry. The legacy of AT&T's gift to universities
>includes the Internet, the World Wide Web, multiprocessing, and much
>Today, the UNIX system is the software engine that processes trillions
>dollars' of business transactions around the world.
>"SCO believes it is time to return the favor," said Mohan, "and deliver
>result of more than 20 years of technical innovation back to educators
>students worldwide. With the explosive growth of the Internet and the
>breadth of development tools for UNIX systems available today, one can
>imagine what this new generation will do with this open operating
>What the Students Will Get
>The availability of free UNIX system licenses begins with SCO
>license, followed closely by a free SCO UnixWare license. The initial
>availability of a free SCO OpenServer license provides UNIX system
>enthusiasts with access to a high-end, commercial quality UNIX product
>would normally be out of reach due to price constraints. Students, as
>as professionals who use the UNIX system at work, now have an
>means of running the UNIX platform at home, enabling them to create a
>BBS or web site.
>What's In Free SCO OpenServer?
>With a Free SCO OpenServer license, users interested in UNIX technology
>access to a fully functional, single user version of the SCO OpenServer
>Desktop System, which includes SCO Doctor Lite, and SCO ARCserve/Open
>from Cheyenne, and the SCO OpenServer Development System. The SCO
>Desktop is an advanced, single user UNIX operating system that delivers
>workstation capabilities and performance on cost-effective Intel
>architecture platforms. The Desktop System integrates a powerful
>multitasking, X/Open UNIX system compliant operating system with
>graphics, and Internet facilities. The Development System includes a
>set of
>state-of-the-art C compilers, debuggers, application programming
>and libraries for developing applications.
>How to Get It
>Free SCO OpenServer license can be ordered and licensed via the
>Internet. To
>place a media order or acquire a license to use the software, go to:
>http://www3.sco.com/Products. Free SCO OpenServer is licensed for
>educational and non-commercial use. The license is free of charge. The
>product media, if desired, costs $19.
>About SCO
>SCO is the world's leading supplier of UNIX server operating systems,
>and a
>leading provider of client-integration software that integrates Windows
>and other clients with UNIX servers from all major vendors. SCO
>Critical UNIX Servers run the critical, day-to-day operations of large
>branch organizations in retail, finance, telecom, and government, as
>well as
>corporate departments and small to medium-sized businesses of every
>SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide network of
>distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs. For more
>information, see SCO's WWW home page at: http://www.sco.com.
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>and SCO Doctor are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa
>Operation, Inc. in the USA and other countries. UNIX is a registered
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