Tipper + Al + Macarena...

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Tue, 20 Aug 96 21:57:19 PDT

A little humor, because if what I think I just did I actually
did just do, I need to laugh a little.

-- Adam

The Top 15 Ways the Democratic Convention Will
Be More Fun Than the Republican Convention

15> Recent poll indicates 87% of registered Democrats know
where to score some killer weed.

14> TV crews don't have to work as hard to find minority delegates.

13> Less chance of party nominee "buying the farm" during
acceptance speech.

12> The Dems will have Pictionary!

11> Hookers discover that, unlike their GOP counterparts,
Democratics actually like sex!

10> Pat "The Black Hole of Fun" Buchanan nowhere in sight.

9> Tipper + Al + Macarena = Dance Inferno!

8> Secret "you know what" party in Jocelyn Elders' room.

7> Al Gore, stoked on corn liquor, dives into the mosh pit.

6> Wacky "I'm with the Unindicted Co-Conspirator" T-shirts.

5> That palpable, all-encompassing air of doom and futility?
It's back in San Diego, pal!

4> Nothing spices up a dull speech like a purloined FBI file.

3> Actually, *ANYTHING* would be more fun than the Republican

2> With Ted Kennedy in charge of entertainment and Marion Barry
in charge of refreshments? Are you kiddin' me??

and the Number 1 Way the Democratic Convention Will
Be More Fun Than the Republican Convention...

1> Two words: Newt-Kabobs

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