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I Find Karma (
Tue, 20 Aug 96 23:44:14 PDT wrote...
> >On an unrelated note, hey Rob: the Eva who owned Eva's --- was her
> >last name by any chance Fabian? Just wondering...
> Ava Fabian.

Wow. NOW I'm impressed. I should never have gotten that speeding
ticket on the way to Frisco.

> For those not in the know: she was a Playboy playmate a few years ago
> (late '80s). She opened a classy night-club/restaurant in Hollywood
> which was very hard to get into but very worth getting into.

Out of curiosity, Rob, how were you able to get in there? This
might be important to add to the schmoozing skills Rohit has drilled
into my head. (When someone asks me questions about "Networking
Protocols", I tell them that they should start by complementing
the person and then they say, "No, I mean, what do you know about
SNMP?" and of course then I say, "Well... I... Er..." and I
disappear in a puff of air.)

> Ava found it (minus the pocket contents) and got it back to me
> so I sent flowers to the club as a token of thanks, after all it was
> full of fricking gorgeous babes. Afterwards I asked her about working
> there and she was in favor but then Adam got a speeding ticket on the
> way to Frisco, and that's a-whole-nother story.

Speaking of the nother story, have you talked with Reichart lately?
Word has it that Silent Software is on a hiring spurt again.

> PS: The club closed down. L.A. hotspots seem to have a shelf-life of
> only a few months.

And you didn't keep in touch with Ava? For shame.

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  -- Senator Eugene McCarthy