Re: Free OpenStep?!?

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 21 Aug 96 13:33:40 -0400

Here's what's available after registering:

Download Solaris OpenStep 1.0

Solaris OpenStep Files to Download

Listed below are the files you need to download to install Solaris OpenStep.
Create a directory, then download the files into it. After you have downloaded
the files run the unbundle script to unarchive and uncompress the files. You
will need enough disk space for the both the compressed and uncompressed
versions of the files you download.

After downloading the files, read the release notes to get the most recent
information about Solaris OpenStep release 1.0. Then follow the instructions
in the Installation Guide to install Solaris OpenStep.

Installation Guide Note

In the Installation Guide, the path "/cdrom/solarisopenstep..." should be
changed to "downloaddirectory/solarisopenstep...", where downloaddirectory is
the directory into which you download the Solaris OpenStep files.

Solaris OpenStep Packages

The following files are the Solaris OpenStep packages. Download them into one

Objective-C library and header files. Size 182k. Compressed size 87k.
DeskTop applications. Size 4Mbytes. Compressed size 2.3Mbytes.
Header Files. Size 633k. Compressed size 200k.
Libraries, daemons, and service files. Size 10Mbytes. Compressed size 5Mbytes.
WorkSpace and Application Dock. Size 3.5Mbytes. Compressed size 2Mbytes.
Printer configuration. Size 260k. Compressed size 150k.
Volume management configuration. Size 40k. Compressed size 12k.
Uncompress and unarchive script. Save this script to your download directory.
Once you have finished downloading, set the execute bit for the script by
executing chmod a+x and run this script to uncompress and
unarchive the downloaded files.

Solaris OpenStep Online Help

The following files contain online help for the Solaris OpenStep
applications. Downloading these file is optional, but recommended if you are
new to OpenStep.

Online help for desktop applications. Size 36Mbytes. Compressed size 4Mbytes.
Online help for libraries, daemons, and service files. Size 1.2Mbytes.
Compressed size 200k.
Online help for WorkSpace and Application Dock. Size 11Mbytes. Compressed
size 1.5Mbytes.

CDE Support

Download this package if you will be running OpenStep through the CDE login screen.

Size 38k. Compressed size 12k.

Solaris 2.4 Patches

Download the following patches if you are running Solaris 2.4.

OpenWin compositing extensions. Size 1.3Mbytes. Compressed size 435k.
OpenWin compositing extensions. Size 35k. Compressed size 14k.
OpenWin compositing extensions. Size 16Mbytes. Compressed size 12Mbytes.
OpenWin compositing extensions. Size 6Mbytes. Compressed size 2.5Mbytes.
SMCC TCX jumbo patch (24-bit framebuffer) only for SPARCstation 5s. Size
492k. Compressed size 213k.
libC patch. Size 252k. Compressed size 117k.

Solaris 2.5 Patches

Download the following patches if you are running Solaris 2.5.

SMCC TCX jumbo patch (24-bit frame buffer) only for SPARCstation 5s. Size
279k. Compressed size 117k.
Font patch. Size 2.6Mbytes. Compressed size 1.5Mbytes.

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