Ivan Sutherland sees the vision...

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Wed, 21 Aug 96 13:47:05 -0400

There's a great profile on Sun's site:

> And where Sun Laboratories will go exploring next?
> "Well, others at the Labs are working on a variety of
> technologies, from computer languages like Tcl/Tk to
> support for the Internet and E-commerce. I'm working on
> something called Asynchronous Systems. This project is
> intended to break the mold of 'traditional' thought on
> computer design. As processor speeds continue to increase,
> this new paradigm may become the model for processor
> design. If so, Sun will have a leading competitive
> position. If not, we will have been bested by a worthy
> intellectual opponent."

Fine, we know async microprocessors are the wave of 2003.. but what about the
distributed software architectures of the same era? Hardware is always so
much clearer to predict... RK

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