Re: Netscape Internet Foundation Classes ?

Joe Kiniry (
Fri, 23 Aug 96 09:53:54 -0800

You wrote:
> [Regarding Java ports.]
> > every major unix vendor i know has
> > internal versions of 1.0.1 (usually) running perfectly but now
> > need to port 1.0.2 to be "useful". now, some are holding their
> > horses because they figure that bright dorks with lots of free
> > time will do the port of 1.0.2 on their own and the company will
> > provide the real-deal when 1.1 is out. (sgi and hpux fit this
> > model, for instance).
> Where can I get me a gaggle of bright dorks with lots of free time?
> I could really use them.

so could i, but with the fanatacism that java is creating, we're
seeing a upswelling of "volunteers", just like in linux and freebsd
efforts, except it can take place on a smaller scale. it only takes
a could of smart engineers a few weeks to port jdk to a new unix
architecture with that has motif. i should know, i helped port 1.0
and 1.0.1 to osf/1 and hpux 9.

> It seems to me that HP's Java strategy is to work on and release
> 1.0.2 at the end of 1Q 1997; they're also already working on some
> effort for 1.1, so Sun and them must have cut some kind of deal.

i'm a little surprised that there is an internal effort given the
work that is going on at the osf-ri, _that hp paid for_, to complete
ports of 1.0.2 to hpux 10. in fact, i'm pretty sure they would
have finished that ports _months_ ago. does the head know what the
hand is doing?

> I'm sure HP would use bright dorks with lots of free time if they
> could, but I don't think they're counting on them. SGI, on the
> other hand, I wouldn't place any bets on.

meaning what? sgi couldn't use bright dorks? or sgi doesn't have
a java strategy? i'm sure they do.

> By the way, Absolutely Nothing New was revealed at Object World San
> Jose while I was there. Andreessen rehashed the same old stuff,
> Java was pumping the hype machine, and everyone was OLEing like
> they were at a bullfight or something. Wendy, was that your
> assessment too?

ick. bleah. spew. i'm quitting computers. it's just too much.