Re: Netscape Internet Foundation Classes ?

I Find Karma (
Thu, 22 Aug 96 18:12:29 PDT

[Regarding Java ports.]

> every major unix vendor i know has
> internal versions of 1.0.1 (usually) running perfectly but now need
> to port 1.0.2 to be "useful". now, some are holding their horses
> because they figure that bright dorks with lots of free time will do
> the port of 1.0.2 on their own and the company will provide the
> real-deal when 1.1 is out. (sgi and hpux fit this model, for
> instance).

Where can I get me a gaggle of bright dorks with lots of free time?
I could really use them.

It seems to me that HP's Java strategy is to work on and release
1.0.2 at the end of 1Q 1997; they're also already working on some
effort for 1.1, so Sun and them must have cut some kind of deal.

I'm sure HP would use bright dorks with lots of free time if they
could, but I don't think they're counting on them. SGI, on the
other hand, I wouldn't place any bets on.

By the way, Absolutely Nothing New was revealed at Object World San Jose
while I was there. Andreessen rehashed the same old stuff, Java
was pumping the hype machine, and everyone was OLEing like they
were at a bullfight or something. Wendy, was that your assessment