Re: Netscape Internet Foundation Classes ?

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Fri, 23 Aug 96 17:55:06 PDT

Wendy wrote:
> > By the way, Absolutely Nothing New was revealed at Object World
> > San Jose while I was there. Andreessen rehashed the same old
> > stuff, Java was pumping the hype machine, and everyone was OLEing
> > like they were at a bullfight or something.
> > Wendy, was that your assessment too?
> Yes, pretty much. I attended all of the keynote given by John Gage of
> Sun, and part of the one by Andreesen, as well as checking out the show
> floor and the "hands-on" tutuorial for Solaris OpenStep given by Sun.

I missed John Gage's talk, but I assume that it also was Something We
Already Know From FoRK (TM).

Geez, is the only trade show where new things get announced Comdex?

> The most interesting news I heard came from my colleague who sat nearby
> during the Andreesen keynote; he told me that Marc is selling out (in big
> chunks). Is this a case of getting out while the stock price is high?

The stock price isn't high now. It's in the 40s. If you account for
the stock split, it's at exactly the same price it was at a year ago.
The 12-month high was twice that -- remember when it was up in the 170s?

Heck, if I was Marc, I'd sell out too. The Titanic has been hitting
icebergs left and right, so why shouldn't he take one of the lifeboats
for himself?

> And if Netscape and Sun are so chummy (as they seemed to be), will Sun
> buy Netscape? One has to wonder...

Sun probably has more desire to buy Apple than buy Netscape at this

-- Adam

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