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Sat, 24 Aug 1996 10:32:45 -0700

>Microsoft Windows 95 Power Toys Readme
>Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1995-1996
>8/19/96 Send To X 1.3. Fixes conflict with Internet Explorer 3.0. (Sorry.)
>7/01/96 New Powertoy: DeskMenu. Get to the contents of your desktop from a
convenient menu without moving a single window!
>7/01/96 Send To X 1.1. Send To Any Folder returns, with some new friends.
>6/17/96 Tweak UI 0.98. Fault logging gizmo.

So they break their own rules? PowerToys is written at Ms for WIn'95
enhancments. Sort of the Ms version os Now Utilities. It would appear that
Ms quality software breaks some standard Win'95 code that they then had to
write around.

heh, see below.



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