inspiration and music

Joe Kiniry (
Sat, 24 Aug 96 13:40:43 -0800

adam finally incited me to expand my music collection. i don't
recall the last album i bought. i'm sure it was that pre-release of
squeeze's new album from IRS records just before they went under.

so, i bought today, while waiting for mary to get her driver's license:

"older" by george michael. (new at $12, not bad) i'm listening to
it now and i like it.

col. bruce hampton & the aquarium rescue unit, self titled. ($2
used) a great phish-ish band that i saw live a few years ago.

"big money item", the greenberry woods. fulfilling my promise to
the band, i'm buying every one of their albums (used). hey, at $3,
what can you loose? i can always give it away... [i really do not
understand how bands like these get contracts, or even make multiple

"the moog cookbook", by the boys themselves with moog versions of
your favorite hits! such as: buddy holly, basket case, come out and
play, free fallin', smells like teen spirit, evenflow, rockin' in
the free world, and more! see for more
information. also, recorded at mos
eisely spaceport, level three!