Re: More Ms tails...

Robert S. Thau (
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:19:31 -0400

So if you wonder why things are so third rate coming out of Redmond, just
remember, 1) they don't use their own shipping software, 2) everyone is
looking at a monitor at 640x480 resolution.

And then, of course, there's Charles Manson's explanation, from the "Is Microsoft Evil" dialog ---

Charles Manson
11:36 p.m. Wednesday 7/31/96

When you look at things in a positive manner,
everything can work out perfect--you know,
like as fast as man can go, he is destroying
everything he can destroy. That's the thing with
Gates, with Microsoft--the pace that he's
picked up in sawing the trees down, killing the
animals, shooting everything--that's it, man.
That's the thing with Gates and how he's

You know, I lived out in the desert and I saw a
lot of madness. I saw big fat people coming
around with guns, shooting lizards, spiders,
birds, anything they could get their hands on.
Just killing and killing. They're programmed to

The Company, it's pure evil. It's programmed
that way.

(If anyone hasn't looked at Stale, BTW, it's remarkably thorough.
That dialog from Slate's first issue which is being parodied above
is an easy target, but they even managed to get humor out of
"The Week/The Spin", which in their version features Bob Dole
stammering his way through Kiss lyrics as part of a desperate play
to reshape his image...).