More Ms tails...

CobraBoy (
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 17:35:47 -0700

You might remember me mumbling something about how Ms can ship such
dreadful products. Well listen up and spread the word on this one...

Seems a friend of mine is consulting at Ms on their new family based photo
editing software coming out. So I started telling him about how I had a DLL
conflict and how it took 3 days to get things working again, only to
download Ms Win'95 birthday bash screensaver that blew up my video drivers.
Now just for the record I have a Micron Milliena P-133 with a Diamond
Stealth PCI video card. One of the most popular cards in the world.

Anyway I'm bitching about having to use 640x480 "blind mans resolution"
(tm) and he says, "yeah, I know, that is what I have to use at Ms." HUH?

Seems Ms doesn't use straight out of the box Win'95. They use a special
proprietary DOS installed Win'95. It limits the video resolution and is a
complete hack. He has mentioned to the powers that be at Ms, "if your
product is so good why don't YOU use it here?" But that has fallen on deaf

So if you wonder why things are so third rate coming out of Redmond, just
remember, 1) they don't use their own shipping software, 2) everyone is
looking at a monitor at 640x480 resolution.



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