Agenda for CaJUN Steering Committee Meeting

I. Discuss Incorporation of CaJUN as an Official Organization

- constitution

Sample bylaws anywhere?

- budget (if any)

- officers

Pres., Secretary, Treasurer (if budget)

- membership

"Any member of the greater Caltech and JPL Community interested in NeXT computers. People outside the community are welcome to be involved as non-voting members." Dues? Requirements? Mailing list?

- purpose

1. Encourage and assist the use of and development on the NeXT.

2. Promote the purchase of NeXTs (wherever appropriate) by workgroups, individuals, departments, and computer facilities.

3. Lobby NeXT and 3rd-party vendors for more and improved products as necessary.

II. Plan theOrganizational Meeting (October 18th?)

- ratification

- elections

- discussions about Black Friday

III. Advance preparation for joint meeting with SCaN on October 25th

- advertising for meeting and Black Friday

- dinner with Andrew Stone

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