Directions to Caltech

1) If you are taking the 210 (Foothill) Freeway West,

or the 134 (Ventura) Freeway East:

Take the Lake Avenue exit South.

(Left if you're going West, Right if you're going East)

Keep going for several lights in quick succession, for about a mile, until you get to California Ave. Turn Left. The first light is Wilson, at which point you will be at Caltech.

2) If you are taking the 110 (Pasadena) Freeway North:

Keep going all the way until the freeway ends. Keep going straight ahead; you are now on Arroyo Parkway. The second major street is California. Turn Right. After a dozen or so blocks, you will get to Lake Ave. The next light after that is Wilson, at which point you will be at Caltech.


Once you are on California, traveling East:

Go past Wilson on California. On the right is Spaulding AdministrationBuilding. Immediately after it, also on the right, is a parking lot (with two entrances). After 5:00, all spots are open, so you should park there. After the parking lot is Tennis Courts; if you pass them, you have gone too far.

Bridge, where we are meeting, is directly opposite the parking lot (just South of Millikan Library, that big tall structure which looks like a bank in the middle of Caltech's campus). There is a crosswalk across California with a light just to the right of the parking lot. Once you cross, you will be in a small courtyard with Kellog on your right and Bridge on your left. Enter through the large doors, go immediately up the stairs, and 201 East Bridge will be on your right. Refreshments should be in the hallway at the top of the stairs.

Any questions, call Ernie Prabhakar, H: (818) 568-9168, W: (818) 356-8379

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