RE: [Lust/Greed/Envy] Sun and iPlanet Unleash Ultimate SoftwareDevelopment Platform

From: Adam Rifkin (Adam@KnowNow.Com)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 11:00:49 PST

> > Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...
> What? You obviously don't mean the price of the hardware. Tell me
> why this thing is such a hot deal.

Would you instead prefer the $1000 version?

But for $2500 more, I can get the ultimate development platform with
over $10,000 in dev software bundled with it:

Tell me where you can get 64-bit workstations with decent dev tools for


"By integrating what BEA and IBM offer as ten separate products from ten separate vendors, Oracle is now doing for enterprises what integrated desktop software suites did for individual employees in the early and mid-1990s," said Rene Bonvanie, Vice President of Oracle9i Marketing. "By continuing to extend the capabilities of the application server beyond Java, Oracle is bringing enterprise productivity to a new level." --

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