Re: Web shell? (I'm not asking for much...)

Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 11:44:12 PST

Jeff Bone <> writes:
> Kragen's GIF-based chat thingie he posted about the other day has had
> me thinking...

I didn't write it --- Ping did. I just FoRKed it.

> It's always been tres annoying to me that I have to have local
> software installed to get (secure) access to a remote shell on some
> server machine on which I've got an account. Neo-nazi firewall
> admins, and all that, telnet regarded harmful, etc. Why shouldn't I
> be able to access an interactive shell from any browser, interaction
> tunneled over an HTTP connection and secured through i.e. SSL?
> Wouldn't that be an acceptable alternative to i.e. SSH?

Except that you still have to type your passwords in plaintext and the
remote shell server has to know the password, so every shell account
you use must use a different password, yes.

> Anybody seen anything like that? Applet, GIF-based thingie,
> whatever? Something I could huck up onto a Web server then go to
> town? Surely this exists, surely somebody wrote something like this
> way back in the dark ages of the Web.

Not that I know of, no. It's a good idea, though.

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