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Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 10:24:18 PST

At 5:28 AM -0800 3/11/01, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>Hmm, I thought they would now, with our higher electric costs, but
>that's not clear. But in general, my bias against buying an electric
>car now is that the cost of electric cars is so high that you'll never
>recoup the cost.

Is there any room in your equation to account for the potentially
lower impact of your actions upon our environment and resources? We
don't *have* to be AdamSmith-ites, looking simply for pleasure. We as
humans do have the ability to look at systems as a whole and
recognize long-term effects of our short term actions.

This would seem particularly important with all the synchronization
that is going on because of the Internet. Individual actions aren't
happening at random times any more. It seems that mini and micro fad
trends are creating greater synchronization in people's actions.


(* Potentially: I'm using this modifier because I don't have figures
stating that the life time fuel efficiency out ways the impact of
producing a plastic car with current plastics creation and recycling
techniques. I would guess that it does considering the infrastructure
required to support the creation of the car vs. the lifetime
operation of a gasoline powered vehicle.)

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