Re: Ginger discussed on Today Show?

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 01:01:35 PST

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 wrote:

> i'm very happy you have alternatives where you live. i assume you are
> sending your real-time hologram to the next world economic forum, along with

Now here's a decent application for all the low-latency high-QoS fibre
and 3d engines: creating forums where avatars can move, radiate multimedia
and share documents.

Yes, it's old, but technology is finally gettting there, after all the

> your colleagues' holograms, because all this flying back and forth is just
> too wasteful when you are availed of advanced technology that makes many
> face-to-face meetings unnecessary.

Damn these monkeys, and their physiognomics fixation. Trust/prestige
should be based on interaction history, not flexing of facial tissue.

> what? you're NOT sending your hologram? then surely you are
> teleconferencing your next interview. no? you're flying to three far-flung
> cities in one week?
> oh.

Oh indeed. Time to get cracking.

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