Re: Why "progressive" tax schemes are evil

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 09:38:36 PST

--]Spoken like a true Libertarian - John Mills would be proud.

Thanks for the label, but no thanks. You can take your simple
minded little toe tag labels and stick em right up your candy ass.

I take offense to the practice of being called names. You dont like my
response, i suggest you think twice before name calling or label stamping.

--]so many ugly sleazy practices in the revolving credit agency that I believe
--]there should be some rules and regulations in place to protect those who
--]don't know better.

There already are. There has been since a long long time ago. Heck I have
a 1944 mp3 about the Black market during wwII and the fraud laws that were
in place back then to prevent varous schemes.

wheres the beef?

--] These banks bombard people with awful credit with
--]dubious offers and ambiguous solicitations such as "you have been
--]pre-approved to apply for a blah-blah gold card for just $50 a year and 21%

So this means you HAVE to do it? Should we outlaws commericals which say
things like "Obey your thirst" and "You simply HAVE to come into Ron
Tonkins Car Emporium and pick up a New Ford 4x4"?

Duboius and ambiguous ....whose POV you going with on this?

--]In general, I tend to agree with you that people should be free to make
--]their own choices, but I also think there should be SOME regulation to
--]protect the consumer and, I think lines are regularly crossed when
--]revolving credit is concerned.

Instances and selcetion instances and selection. There are already laws
to cover fraud, banking regulations, consumer practices and a host of
other things you have touched on.

But at some atomic grain it comes down to one simple thing, do you trust
people to make thier own choices, or do you trust govs to make it for

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