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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 09:10:34 PST

NB: ...well...what can I say...apologies in advance. ;-)

Let me see if I can add to the list to produce an even more comprehensive ---
*speculative* --- description of my archetypal ideological nemesis. Note that I'm
not really describing Geege here, though she often seems to take on that role in
these things. (I suspect that's more a reflection of love of debate --- I know I
always run to the corner just to position for a good fight. ;-)

> * tort reform is unnecessary, and a bad thing
> * our existing tax system is appropriate and good
> * regulation is a good thing as-is, and well-executed
> * bureaucracies as-is are
> * right-sized
> * efficient
> * effective
> * optimally expensive
> * gov't from afar is good and more appropriate than local gov't
> * we all need to be protected from ourselves
> * paternal government is benign and appropriate
> * everyone's interests are currently represented fairly
> * all evil in the world adheres to rich corps and individuals
> * anyone who disagrees must favor fascism / dictatorship

  * abortion is murder
  * the drug war is a good thing, and very effective
  * capital punishment is a bad thing
  * individuals should not be able to own guns
  * the free market does not work
  * gov't funding of faith-based orgs is good and appropriate
  * the public educational system is doing a great job
  * if Johnny can't read but draws pretty pictures, let's coddle his talent
  * math education is more than adequate; let's make it an elective
  * character education is a good idea
  * standardized literacy testing is a bad idea
  * school vouchers are a bad idea
  * "Robin Hood" school funding schemes are good
  * unions serve a useful function
  * it's appropriate for the US is to be world's police force
  * the two-party system is a good thing
  * campaign finance reform is unnecessary
  * progressive taxes are appropriate
  * if you make more, you should pay more (for the same LoS)
  * the weak have a moral claim on the economic output of the strong
  * people generally aren't responsible for their own failures
  * the gov't should always be there to pick you up when you fall
  * welfare as it works today is good; we should do *more,* not less
  * many poor people just can't help that they're poor
  * more money for public transportation!
  * the status quo benefits everybody
  * SIGs / PACs are not a problem
  * term limits are a bad idea
  * today's IP laws are good, appropriate, effective
  * the patent office is doing a great job
  * sex education in schools is a bad idea
  * most religious organizations are benign and good for society
  * affirmative action is a good idea
  * existing SEC / regulation of securities trading is a good thing
  * the tax *code* is reasonable
  * most people don't feel hopeless filling out their tax return
  * FDR was the best president we ever had
  * the President's private life is the public's business
  * televangelists are doing God's work, spreading the gospel
  * Ken Starr is a great man
  * the house managers from the impeachment are brave heroes
  * Henry Hyde is a great role model
  * the electoral system serves a useful function
  * "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a stupid, maybe evil policy
  * the Gulf War was a moral war
  * nuclear deterrance / MAD: what a great policy!
  * for that matter, the term "moral" *has* an objective meaning
  * there is a clear "Right" and "Wrong" in most situations
  * legal / gov't encouragement of families / marriage is good
  * we need more federal-level law enforcement
  * China is our best friend
  * we need more police officers on our streets
  * estate taxes are a good thing
  * encryption regulation is a good thing
  * COPA and CIPA are good things
  * the MPAA and the RIAA are a bunch of nice guys
  * Microsoft is innovative and has done our industry a world of good
  * the case against Microsoft is weak
  * Microsoft is being persecuted; anti-trust laws are bad things
  * schools and public libraries have a duty to block smut on their browsers
  * anonymity on the Internet is a tool for hoods and thugs
  * encryption on the Internet is a tool for hoods and thugs
  * the Fair Use policy is antiquated and needs revising
  * California's smoking laws are a step in the right direction
  * porn exploits women
  * let's feed / clothe / immunize / subsidize THE WORLD!
  * "human" immortality: bad idea
  * "strong" AI: bad idea
  * nanotech: bad idea
  * human cloning: bad idea
  * neighborhood associations: good idea
  * we can control technological / scientific progress through regulation
  * Napster was an evil den of thieves
  * Shoutcast is the same as pirate radio
  * I'm glad Carnivore exists, it helps keep me safe
  * "political correctness" isn't out of control
  * AT&T has great customer service ;-)
  * we are tolerant enough as a society
  * the ACLU: what a bunch of pricks
  * we need a national healthcare system, healthcare is a RIGHT!
  * the only way to make economics work is with central planning
  * from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs
  * prostitution is an evil tumor on society
  * prostitution exploits women
  * alimony: makes sense to me
  * paternal child support when father didn't want child: makes sense to me
  * the "South" is populated by uneducated hicks
  * Russell Crowe: what a cutie! ;-)
  * that Taco Bell stunt is phat stooopid! ;-) (still awake? grand finale...)
  * we shouldn't have one "age of majority"
  * the only way to really be a { man, woman } is to become a parent
  * money can't buy happiness
  * monogamy is natural for humans, and a good thing
  * women are the underdog in our society
  * macrobiotics: what a great idea!
  * I go to Church EVERY SUNDAY!

much, much more than $0.02,


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