P2P + SSL + IP spoofing = circumvent blocklists = TriangleBoy = CIA-sponsored-tech

From: Gordon Mohr (gojomo@usa.net)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 21:58:44 PDT


# Corporations, governments, and other entities have begun to
# block access to SafeWeb in an effort to thwart our mission
# to promote the free flow of information and ideas on the
# Internet and to protect the online privacy rights of all
# Internet users.
# Triangle Boy is a free, open source, peer-to-peer application
# that will bypass firewalls and other mechanisms that attempt
# to block access to SafeWeb. Users who are currently blocked
# from directly accessing SafeWeb (or any other site) will be
# able to access it indirectly through any other computer
# running Triangle Boy.

The diagram is most instructive in understanding how it works:


This is pretty clever, turning any TriangleBoy machine into
a 1-way (outbound) proxy.

Brought to you by a firm which has received cash from CIA
venture arm In-Q-Tel:


# The agreement between SafeWeb and In-Q-Tel is an arms-length,
# pure licensing agreement, involving no technology or IP
# transfer. In-Q-Tel will not have any board representation,
# management representation, or equity stake in SafeWeb.
# However, SafeWeb has issued warrants to In-Q-Tel, which
# In-Q-Tel may exercise and convert into equity in the future.

Would you locally install software from a company with CIA
ties, to help others achieve unblockable, anonymous web access?

Methinks an open-source version of TriangleBoy would enjoy
greater uptake.

- Gordon

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