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Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 05:07:43 PDT

well, dammit, bill, why isn't ONE congress critter out there telling it like
it is? the company i work for just saw a health insurance increased of over
70% (we budgeted for most of it but now we have to contribute to our hmo,
which used to be free (it covers nothing anyway so why not make it free?) and
now the ppo is simply out of range). this on top of spiraling-upwards gas
price means the government had better adjust its cost-of-living raise from 3%
to a realistic 10%. THAT will certainly do this economy a lot of good.

re the energy crisis: wouldn't it make sense to invest some - a lot,
whatever's necessary - money in starting up fuel cell technology, which uses
natural gas, and half the natural gas current ng technologies use to produce
the same amount of energy?

and when did this refinery issue come up anyway? if building more refineries
was THE answer, why wasn't that evident a few months ago? why didn't either
presidential candidate bring it up? in fact, bush promised to force opec to
open their spigots and increase supply. <cough> no mention of freaking
refineries then.

i much preferred clinton's style of lying. it didn't affect my standard of
living. if helping opec gouge us at the pump is bush's idea of bringing
dignity back to the white house, i'll take the oversexed dude and suffer his
indiscretions any day of the week over this disaster of a president.

more than miffed,

In a message dated 5/12/01 1:32:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

 He's got to pay them back for all of those campaign contributions somehow,
 hasn't he?
 I mean, sheesh... fixing an election takes a lot of money these days.
 On 5/11/01 4:30 PM, "Bill Humphries" <> wrote:
> At 7:18 PM -0400 5/11/01, Grly
>> Call me a conduit for the cartel.
> Yep, it'd be cheaper and more transparent if Bush just asked the Congress
> transfer the money from Treasury to Duke/Enron/and so on.
> >>

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