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From: rudy rouhana (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 15:45:27 PDT

> You can't steal something that already belongs to you.
> The factual evidence is pretty clear at this point. Nobody's ever
> debated that the majority of the US voters voted for Gore. It now
> appears that the majority of Florida voters voted for Gore, too

Really, what factual evidence supports this? Every third party assessment of
the Florida ballots (both just in the counties in question and statewide) say
Bush would have won. I think the Miami Herald said that Gore MAY have one if
"overvotes" had been included in recounts, which Gore himself did not request.

So, my point is, I am interested in hearing what recounts of the ballots that
you have seen supports Gore winning.

> despite widespread election fraud by the Republicans in Florida ---
> turning away eligible, registered voters in large numbers in
> Democratic precincts, for example.

Right, just the Republicans in Florida participated in election fraud. It's a
good thing we have someone with the track record of Daly making sure the Dems
didn't disenfranchise any voters. Well, except for those Americans serving
abroad in the military....but they don't count, right? I won't even go there
with news stories about non_registered voters voting (early and often ;) for
Gore because I don't have specific facts to support this. However, there is
speculation that this occurred.

> So, at this point, we have a president the majority of the country's
> voters voted against; a president whose father was the head of our
> primary intelligence agency; a president whose brother governed the
> part of the country that decided the election in his favor; and clear
> evidence that that part of the country only voted for him due to
> widespread election fraud.

No, at this point you have a Republican President, Republican House, Republican
Senate, Conservative Supreme Court, majority of US States with Republican

One word: "Scoreboard"

Deal with it.

> Now he's cracking down on civil liberties;

Funny, I feel much less likely to have my guns taken away from me or
restrictions placed on the type of firearms that I may lawfully poses. It all
depends which civil liberties you are concerned with.

> he's gotten our country
> ejected from the UN Human Rights Commission and the International

The last time I check my passport it said United States of America...not the
United Nations. If we've violated human rights in America (and I know we have,
but not as bad as in other countries) then we'll deal with it. However, no
international organization should have any tangible say or influence in how we
police ourselves.

> Narcotics Control Board; and he seems to be trying to start a war with
> China, the world's biggest nuclear power and one of our biggest
> trading partners.

Maybe we should continue the Clinton/Gore policy of just handing over secrets
to China. Now...where did I leave that hard drive will all those nuclear
secrets...I know, maybe I lost it when I was at the Buddhist temple at a
non_fundraising event...



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