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Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 15:09:01 PDT

I know it's not good style to inject facts when the rhetoric gets this
hot, but I'll do it anyway.

Jay Thomas <> writes:
> wrote:
> > taking their cue from limbaugh, fox network frames the fact that democrats
> > garner the minority and women vote as some sort of insult, as if we comprise
> > a block of undesirable (and somehow more feeble) voters. republicans market
> Remind me again -- who was it who couldn't figure out a simple butterfly
> ballot, designed for the feeble minded, by a Democrat? Oh, right,
> Democrats -- jews and blacks who voted for Buchannan, meaning to vote
> for Gore. Funny how us "dunderheaded" pubbies could figure it
> out. Then again, so could most third graders.

I think the error rate was significantly under 1%, which still would
have been more than enough to swing the election.

For what it's worth, voting for Bush on that ballot was easy and

You might want to clarify the above paragraph --- are you asserting
that "jews and blacks" had a harder time filling out the ballot than
"most third graders" would have? Or just the Democratic "jews and
blacks"? If that wasn't what you meant, maybe you should explain in
more detail.

> Thats the real reason we get so upset when W. keeps trying to reach out
> to the Gore voters -- we dont want em!! We don't want Democrats to
> switch sides. We enjoy watching yall look stupid. We enjoy seeing you on
> TV crying "Help us, we're victims"

That paragraph speaks for itself. I don't think any comment I make
could increase its rhetorical impact. I just thought I should quote

> You want to proclaim youself a member of that fine group, allied with
> James Carville, Bill Clinton, and Larry Flynt, be my guest. Throw around
> cute little neologisms like "repugnican", fine. But as a not so poor,
> white guy from a Bush state, let me tell you, there are no delusions
> here. W. may have been an unknown, and not all he's done has made me
> happy, but we knew what we'd get with Gore -- more socialism, more
> dishonesty, higher taxes, less freedom, and we fought hard. Those of you
> who keep slinging around that "it costs alot to buy an election" are
> either totally dishonest or totally stupid. Gore did his best to steal
> the election and we stopped him. Deal with it/get over it, but I am so
> sick of hearing it. You sound like petulant children who need a time out
> and a spanking.

You can't steal something that already belongs to you.

The factual evidence is pretty clear at this point. Nobody's ever
debated that the majority of the US voters voted for Gore. It now
appears that the majority of Florida voters voted for Gore, too,
despite widespread election fraud by the Republicans in Florida ---
turning away eligible, registered voters in large numbers in
Democratic precincts, for example.

So, at this point, we have a president the majority of the country's
voters voted against; a president whose father was the head of our
primary intelligence agency; a president whose brother governed the
part of the country that decided the election in his favor; and clear
evidence that that part of the country only voted for him due to
widespread election fraud.

Now he's cracking down on civil liberties; he's gotten our country
ejected from the UN Human Rights Commission and the International
Narcotics Control Board; and he seems to be trying to start a war with
China, the world's biggest nuclear power and one of our biggest
trading partners.

> And since all of you doing the bitching on this list didn't vote for him
> anyway, and didn't agree with his stances/policies before he was
> *ELECTED*, I really don't care what you have to say now.
> Shut the fuck up, already.

We still live in something called a "democracy", even if it's a
corrupt one governed by means of electoral fraud. This means that we
have a right to talk about whether we agree or disagree with what our
government is doing and a right to a say in how it's run.

It's clear from the above-quoted paragraphs that you'd rather we
didn't exercise those rights.

So if your post is a representative of the Republican party, then the
Republican party is the party of racist bigotry, personal attacks,
lying and simultaneously accusing your opponents of lying when they
tell the truth, and opposition to democracy. In other words, it's the
party of opposition to traditional American values.

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