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From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 08:55:35 PDT

Right wing debate tactic #4: make a personal attack by implication, then deny

> Do you *not* live in Hollywood? I went to your website, clicked on
> "Backyard", and saw the Hollywood sign. I am in New Hampshire, an
> awfully long way away, and we have never met. I commented on the
> distance, not necessarily that you live in a "cesspool". Again, sorry if
> I offended by pointing out where you live. I had no ideas that was
> against the rules of this discussion.

Unless you really believe that parenting is different on the west coast than the
east, Jay, and unless you think that your language was so cleverly circuitous
that nobody can pin it down, your point was about Hollywood -- a favorite den of
liberalism for the far right -- rather than distance. This was a personal
attack. Just come clean.

It's interesting that you claimed to be in Massachusetts before, and now are in
New Hampshire. The difference between MA and NH here is obviously that one is
democratic and one is republican. This was also a debate tactic, and one much
loved by the right. Make a point by implication rather than statement so that
you can deny it later.

What was the point that you were trying to avoid saying outright? An appeal to
Us vs. Them. A politics defined by the enemy. Hollywood. Massachusetts.
Gays. Spitters on cops. All your posts have been about enemies, Jay, not
morality, not your daughters.

I really am your enemy, Jay. Because you are a guy looking for scapegoats, and
don't deserve respect.

- Lucas

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