Re: We're doing better from book sales than from music sales.

Mike Masnick (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 22:59:18 -0400

At 04:15 PM 4/6/98 -0700, I Find Karma wrote:

I just checked this out and, as a ska fanatic, I have to complain about the
choice of recommending "Today's Specials" as it is a horrible, horrible
album. I'm sorry, but drum machines and ska don't mix. Anyway, Adam,
since you've recommended nearly everything the Specials have done you
should consider picking up their newest (came out last week), called
"Guilty 'Till Proved Innocent":

which is more of an attempt to sound like older Specials. Doesn't quite
succeed, but certainly beats the crap that is "Today's Specials".

Also, would recommend (but only for serious Special's fans), The Dawning of
a New Era by the Coventry Automatics:

which is really all of the Special's demo tapes. Basically there are a lot
of very famous Specials songs on here, but in a much cruder fashion. I
quite like it.

There are, of course, a ton of other good ska bands out there, but, I'm a
bit busy right now. Soon, I'll add to the FoRK ska list. Two quick ones
in the recent release categoy (both on Hellcat, a subsidiary of Epitaph)
are the Slackers' Redlight:

for which Musicblvd only lists 5 songs, though there are 12 (??). They're
a great, smooth, old style ska band with a very NYC attitude (their first
album is good too). In the past five months I've travelled to Buffalo and
Philly to see 'em live, and this Thursday I'm going to be dj'ing between
sets at their show in Cortland (and MC'ing the show) - not that any of you
are close enought to come, but it should be great.

Also, Hepcat's "Right On Time". Very smooth. Lots of fun:

If you saw the movie _Swingers_ the guy who played Charles (the token black
friend) is one of the lead singers of Hepcat (Alex Desert). I've met the
band a couple of times and, honestly, I think they are a group of truly
down-to-earth nice guys. They're from LA, so all you LA folks should catch
'em some time (they put on an amazing live show). Their other albums are
great as well, this is just the most recent.

Okay, there you go. I've got work to do...