I love you too, Danny...

Rohit Khare (rohit@godzilla.ics.uci.edu)
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One more new weekly newsgfeed on the trough, wh?


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Curriculum Vitae

I "edit" a thing called NTK <http://www.ntk.net/>.

I once had a sushi meal with Louis Rosetto, during which I ate a whole
mouthful of that green stuff in the belief that it was some sort of
delicious vegetable. If I had spat it out in his face, I would say so.
Sadly, I did not.

I know Lloyd. Tell him "billgates.com" *has* been registered, and he's too
much of a scaredy-cat to admit his mistake to me.

A leading GNU programmer/freedom fighter once travelled 3,000 miles to
steal my girlfriend. I believed this to be taking "Open Source" a little
too far. Now I deliberately include uncredited GPL source in all my
commercial ventures, out of spite.

I always try to end URLs which are contain a domain with a slash. This is
my one nod to public service.

I knew, briefly, the Teletubby that was sacked.

I visited two sites today that linked to FoRK. This is an example of link
karma: a belief I do not hold.

I am writing this at 3am.

I live at http://www.spesh.com/danny/

I ... love you.


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