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Thu, 16 Apr 1998 05:43:43 -0400 (EDT)

Libraries popular Net access point

Next to home, work or school, the public library is the most
popular place from which to get on the Internet. Research analyzed
by the MCI Foundation found the number of people who accessed the
Internet from their public library increased 86 percent since
January 1997. "This study reveals a dramatic shift in technology
awareness and availability," Diane Strahan, the foundation's
executive director said. "Today, 16 percent percent of users
access the Internet from an alternative point, and by the year
2000, our data suggests that number will nearly double," she

The percent of libraries that offer Internet access to their
patrons has more than doubled to 60.4 percent today from 27.8
percent in 1996, according to a 1997 Public Library Data Service
Statistical Report. Of 8,921 public libraries across the country,
72.3 percent are connected to the Internet, up from 44.4 percent
in 1996.