Re: I love you too, Danny...

Lloyd Wood (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:23:46 +0100 (BST)

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Rohit Khare quoted Danny as saying:

> I know Lloyd.

but we've never actually been in soho's webshack or cyberia at the
same time.

More to the point, Dan's been lucky enough to interview people I work
with on telly. [*]

Hmmm. Either Danny's claim is desperate, or I'm going up in the world.

[*] and I just happen to know someone living in the only local region
where that interview was shown - at 3am in the morning or thereabouts -
so I have a videoed copy sequestered away for the next time I
decide I need a favour from said colleagues.

> Tell him "" *has* been registered, and he's too
> much of a scaredy-cat to admit his mistake to me.

I must stop setting the host to for all those European
Projects and then not noticing that I have when it looks like I can't
get any whois info back.

<>, top story.

[Or the various servers should start peering their database info. If
you lot want distributed objects on the internet, you can start by
fixing DNS and admin records to be Real Distributed Objects. None of
this layering fancy stuff on top of a skanky infrastructure, hear?]

whois -h uk (who is Anthony Uk?)

whois -h whois.{ripe|internic}.net fuck
(where US commercialism wittingly leads, European individuals
unfortunately follow)

whois -h billgates

Apart from **all of Europe** lying fallow, there's still
billgates.{org|co}.uk, and what's the alternic for, if not to get us

I want ! is quite amusing - several reloads and redirects,
then a 500 error at

A testament to the power of asp.

> I knew, briefly, the Teletubby that was sacked.

Friends of mine were last night claiming that that Teletubby actor
allegedly had a sideline as a lap dancer, and _that's_ why he was
sacked, despite the many public claims of artistic differences and
that his voice was obviously dubbed over in the David Prowse
British-method-actor manner.

So, how did Danny come to know him?

Incidentally, the Teletubbies, twenty years on:

> I am writing this at 3am.

As usual.

It's always 3am somewhere. Down with longitudinal approximations of

> I live at
> I ... love you.
> Danny
> xxx