RE: Happy one-month anniversary, Gnutella.

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 15:56:16 PDT

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Burd, Greg wrote:

--]an enlightened and elegent design? Where is the object-oriented-like
--]design/implementation enhancement for protocol designers?
--]Did that make any sense?


Country plain its the things that can be USED that will get the

This always does not fit in with the best laid plans of phds and engs

IF your looking for ellegance in the most popular apps or methiods on the
net, then run and hide. Think of this, AOL has millions of folks using
thier methods and apps to interface to the net.

Its like finding that Ernest Goes To CAmp is the nations Number oNe Movie
ofthe year.

What history shows us is that no amount of eng work or dinkum thinkums
will fix the pandemic of the Base Common Ugly. Sure there are those
sections of the populace wich will try to raise the roof beams higher, but
in the limbo line of our cultures its the bottom scrappers that get the
extra rounds of tequila.

So paint a Monet, build the Gates of Hell, write Miestersinger De Neumburg
...but at the end of the day it will be Four dogs playing poker, the new
Chia Goat and a George Straight song thats makes the masses move.

So with protocols, man..if you got the gray matter build em and spread em
to like minds. This is why Gnutella just plain shot up and out oand over.
It was from a known group of freaks (tom peper and justin frenkle and co
from the winamp crew) spread to thier followers (the shout cast and winamp
fantics) who are veterans at moving the brand new heavy down the pipeline.

One month, One month and the protocol is far from all it can be. One
months, a few thousand die hard users, a few mor thousands of tryers and
occasionals.......Can you Smell what the cooking?

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