Re: Is the market on prozac ?

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Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 00:50:36 PDT

vs the lemur theory:

more than ever before, the majority of investors are relatively young
(between 30 - 53) and male. They've inherited from their male lemur
ancestors a behavioral trait: risk taking. (male lemurs expose themselves -
wait - they put themselves in harm's way - to protect lemur females and
offspring. the author tried to explain male's proclivity to cheat, sexually,
by linking the risk-taking behavior to evolution. I thought: how novel, to
tie altruisim and self-sacrifice to philandering. why not tie it to the stock

(there's a great story on this phenomeNON in Discover, but their search
engine is so supremely sucky that I just spent half an hour looking (even
knowing the approx date of article!) and came up with zilch. I am selling my
disney stock.)


(isn't the prozac angle old bits?)

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